Thank you for visiting my website. I have been making jewelry since the age of nine when I visited my Aunt (my middle name comes from her) in Southern California and she brought me to a bead store on the beach. I idolized the girls that worked there as they taught me a few basics in beading. I used those skills to make it a life long hobby with a brief stint in my 20s working at a bead store in Portland, ME. I continue to make jewelry as gifts for friends and family and I have been humbled at inquiries from strangers on how to get their hands on some of my creations. I decided to put up a website to direct people on where to purchase these pieces, and with their purchase I will be donating 25% of profits to a charity of choice. That choice will be rotating. Today I am donating to the organization Planned Parenthood. For more information on where your contribution will be going to visit for details (for direct link, click on "links" on the homepage). Let's make this world a better place one contribution at a time.
Sarah Ann